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Terms and Conditions

General rules

Terms used in the Terms

The seller – a limited liability company Flowers24 LTD unified registration number  11215737, Legal address: 11 Ponsonby terrace, DE11DT, Derby, United Kingdom, phone +37128331199, e-mail :

Consumer – a natural or legal person who expresses an interest in purchasing, purchasing, or purchasing a product or using a service for a purpose that is not directly related to its business;

Buyer – the person who makes the purchase of goods in the seller’s Internet store. The Buyer can be both the Consumer and the non-Consumer;

A product is any item that the seller offers or sells to the consumer through this website;

Manufacturer – a person who manufactures or restores goods for sale or represents himself as a manufacturer by indicating (name) on his or her packaging or product technical passport its name (company), name, surname, trade mark or other distinction a sign;

Legislation – Cabinet Regulation No. 20 of May 20, 2014 255 “Provisions on the distance contract”, Consumer Rights Protection Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and other binding legal acts.

Warranty – A statement by the manufacturer, seller or service provider that the product or service or component thereof will preserve the properties, safety and performance of the product for a certain period of time, and the manufacturer, seller or service provider undertakes additional obligations not provided for in this Law and other regulatory enactments;

Terms of use – instructions from the manufacturer or seller, in which the product retains the properties and proper quality of use (use), and does not endanger the consumer’s property, health, life or the environment;

Prices – The final price of the item indicated on the Internet site, including taxes and fees, on which the Seller sells goods through this website. The price does not include the cost of delivery of the item;

Internet site – Seller’s website

Parties – Seller and Buyer.

      General terms

1.1.  These Terms determine the legal relationship between Buyer and Seller.
1.2.  Before proceeding with the use of the Internet site, please carefully read these Terms of Use.
1.3.  When using the Internet site, the User agrees to comply with these Terms.
1.4.  Seller may partly or completely delete, modify, update the information on the Internet site without prior notice.
1.5.  The pictures and description of the goods in question may vary slightly from the product offered.

     Use of the right of withdrawal

2.1.  The buyer has the right to return the product back to the “Flowers24” Store within 14 days from the date of receipt of the goods, without giving explanations on the reason for the refusal. The returned goods must not be damaged, the packaging and its marking must not be damaged.

2.2.  The use of the right of withdrawal and return of goods shall be in accordance with the following legal acts:

– Consumer Protection Law;

– Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of 28 May 2002 No. 207 Provisions on distance contracts.

2.3.  The return of the goods does not apply to cut flowers, flower bouquets, flower compositions and houseplants. (Cabinet Regulation No. 207, p. 15.3).

2.4.  The “Flowers24” has the right to cancel the order unilaterally and pay a full commission fee to the Buyer if, due to circumstances outside the Flowers24, order execution is not possible. (For example, the ordered item is not available for more than 30 days or the end of the production season)

2.5.  The buyer may refuse from the delivery before the flower bouquet is created by writing an application to the email: “Flowers24” returns the money within 7 working days from the receipt of the application to the buyer’s account.

2.6.  ”Flowers24 LTD” does not refund to the customer the charge for the shipment and retain it in full, in the following cases:

2.6.1. if the recipient refuses to accept the shipment (flowers or flower bouquets);

2.6.2. if the recipient has depart from the city and/or the state and can not be reached at the delivery address indicated by the customer within 24 hours after the delivery time specified by the customer;

2.6.3. if the recipient is not located at the address indicated by the customer and is not reachable for communication in the e-mail or phone indicated by the customer.

2.7.  If the recipient is not present at the address indicated by the customer and the delivery of the order has to be transferred to another delivery address ,the cost of the order should be paid once again, (except if the delivery address of the order is changed to a location not more than 5 km away from the originally specified order delivery address);

2.8.  If the recipient is not present at the specified time at the address indicated by the customer and the delivery of the order has to be transferred to another delivery time ,the cost of the order should be paid once again,(except if the new delivery time is within 1 hour interval).

Consumer responsibility
3.1. The consumer is responsible for reducing the value of the good or using it contrary to good faith, if the product was used during the exercise of the right of withdrawal beyond the limits required for the identification and verification of its characteristics and type.

3.2. The consumer can not exercise the right of withdrawal when the product is made according to the instructions of the consumer or the product is clearly personalized if the product is perishable or it expires soon after expiration if the consumer has opened a packaging product which for health and hygiene reasons can not be returned, due to the delivery is irretrievably mixed with other things, etc. The return of the goods does not apply to cut flowers, flower bouquets, flower arrangements and houseplants.

3.3. The consumer is obliged not later than within 14 days after sending a written refusal to return the product or the seller to the seller or service provider. The seller or service provider is obliged not later than within 14 days from the day he receives information about the consumer’s decision to withdraw from the contract, to repay to the consumer the amount of money he paid, including the delivery costs paid by the consumer. The money will be returned in the same way as the payment was made.

3.4. The consumer is responsible for maintaining the quality and safety of the product during the term of exercise of the right of withdrawal. Consequently, in view of the essence of the right of withdrawal, to enable the consumer to evaluate the obligations arising from the contract, including the comparison of the quality of the offer and the price with other offers, the consumer must use the good as a thorough and careful owner during the term of exercise of the right of withdrawal.

4.1. The consumer is entitled to apply to the seller of the claim for non-conformity of the goods within two years from the date of purchase of the goods. The consumer submits an application for payment to the seller within two months from the day when the goods are found to be defective. The date of purchase of the goods shall be deemed to be the day on which the seller transmits and the consumer has accepted the goods in question.

4.2. If the manufacturer or seller has given a guarantee to the product, after the expiry of the period referred to in Paragraph 4.1, the consumer is entitled to claim the claim throughout the remainder of the warranty period, in accordance with the conditions specified in the guarantee document. The consumer claim is examined in accordance with the conditions specified in the guarantee document.

4.3. When applying for a defect of the product to the manufacturer or Seller, the Consumer shall attach a copy of the document certifying the transaction to the claim application.

The consumer’s claim will be reviewed within 7 business days from the date of receipt of the claim, sending the response to the contact address specified in the claim. If the claim is found to be unfounded and the Buyer disagrees with it, he / she is entitled to exercise other rights specified in regulatory enactments.

Delivery arrangements
Delivery in Riga from 5 € (depends on delivery area)
Delivery outside Riga is 10-15 € for every 50km from the center of Riga.

– Delivery takes place within the specified time (+-15min)
– Delivery time P.-Saturdays 08:30 – 21:00 Sunday 09:00 – 18:30 (other delivery times are available in advance when ordering the operator)
– If the recipient can not be contacted and she is not at home, the order is returned to the base and re-delivered to the indicated address at another time (additional payment for the delivery)
– We will notify the delivery of the order to the addressee
– Before the holiday, it is advisable to soup 2 days in advance to help you to reserve flowers for your rolls, respectively
– In the case of fast delivery, it is advisable to contact us by phone
– The orders you make outside our working hours will be processed the next day from the morning.

Payment for a product is possible in one of the following ways:

making a non-cash transfer with a Visa or MasterCard payment card or PayPal.

Dispute resolutionThe legal relations arising from these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia.